June 21, 2012

Why you?

In the opening scene the woman walks quickly towards the piano in the empty warehouse, with a set of drums not placed too far away. As she sits in front of the piano, we see a man with a hat behind the drums.  After  they start playing other instruments join in but what we hear throughout  the piece is mainly the sound of the piano and the drums. If you ask me, “Is it beautiful?”, I don’t know. Beauty may change according to each person. However, the piece is certainly different. And this difference increases the probability of clicking the sign under the youtube screen to view the video once more.

This song and its video  is a perfect example to show that the differentiation criterion plays an important role in marketing a product. Thereafter the job is to determine how to show this difference to people.

Before we approach the market to find a suitable acquirer for a company, we try to find the differentiating aspects of our client in comparison to their competitors. The question we ask them is, “Why should I buy your company and not one of your competitors?”

The name of the woman in the clip above is Emeli. If you would like to listen to her song please click here.

Note: I may have liked this song because of my new obsession with the type of hat that the drummer wears. :-)

The oldie of the week: The Shadows – Apache (1969)

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