May 24, 2012

An ugly little bug

“Once upon a time there was an ugly little bug.” A newspaper advertisement started with this slogan in the years that Volkswagen entered the USA market. Please consider that the first sentence of their advertisement stated that their product is ugly as they tried to enter the world’s biggest car market.

It takes courage to declare your weak point before the others discover it. However, such an approach increases your trustworthiness. Your strong points, which you will then put forward, become more believable.

In our projects after we analyze the companies of our clients, we concentrate ourselves on finding the best way to present their weak points to the potential acquirers so as to develop such a trust. By expressing your deficiencies in the beginning you also make known to the other party that you have control over your business. Then the important point is to be able to explain how you will remedy these deficiencies and to show that your strong points are more influential than your weak points.

To view an advertisement of Volkswagen during the years it entered the USA market, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Barbara Streisand : Memory (1981)

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