May 17, 2012

Last year’s sales

An excerpt from Edward de Bono’s book named Opportunities, which he also calls as A Handbook of Business Opportunity Search:

“Badly run companies tend to assume that all their troubles are external and there is nothing wrong with their thinking. Successful companies feel that they are successful because of the competence of their thinking and they regard external problems as difficulties to overcome.”

During the process of selling the company shares we naturally talk about the problems of the company with the shareholders. Our discussions with hundreds of shareholders have shown us the wisdom of the above given quotation.

Recently, we were in a meeting with a possible acquirer for our client’s company shares. The boss of that company looked at the financial figures given by my client for the past 3 years and asked for his comments by saying, “It seems that your sales figures in the last year are lower than those of the preceding year!” The answer of my client was short: “We couldn’t sell more.” While a smile covered his face, the boss said, “A very good and a correct answer.” My client did not show any external reasons for the lower level of sales.

Managers are to be advised to look first at themselves before they start firing at crises, competitors or bureaucracy.

To receive more information on Edward de Bono, you may click here.

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