April 26, 2012

Zumba dance

“Sorry, I have to go now,” said one of my female friends on the phone. “Otherwise, I will miss my Zumba lesson.” I caught myself moving forward in my seat and saying with bafflement: “What?” She laughed. “Zumba! You don’t know Zumba? You dance and lose weight. It’s the newest form of aerobic.” She was right. I hadn’t caught up with this new wave. I thought about the various physical activities, starting with the hula hoops of half a century ago.

People seek change. Also, they do not want to miss all what is popular now. I don’t want to go deeply into philosophy, but I think that following the current trends makes people feel themselves to be up-to-date.

This phenomenon is also applicable in business life. Some years ago, if you didn’t use the word, feasibility correctly or even incorrectly in your speech, then you were found to be “lacking”. My favorite word from the current trend is sustainability. The only problem is that you may not see the grins on the faces of the people in the meeting when you use this word inappropriately.

As we prepare our clients for their negotiations with a prospective acquirer, we hold a meeting with them which we call dry-run. In this meeting we discuss with our clients the answers to be given to the possible questions of the potential acquirer. Preventing the appearance of the teasing grins of the potential acquirers is part of this meeting.

Maybe you have not missed Zumba like me, but those of you who are curious may click here.

The oldie of the week: Kaoma – Lambada (1989)

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