March 29, 2012

Both feet on the ground

Some of the businessmen that we talk with tell us, “Our company is one with both feet on the ground.” When we ask for details on this issue, we often understand that they do not like to take risks.

There are no activities, which do not contain a risk factor. When we say that we don’t take any risks, we are only talking about the risks that we can perceive. In reality, there are many risks which we don’t sense. For example, from the moment that you go out to the street, you are in a risky environment. Even as you walk on the pavement, a driver may lose control and hit you. In such cases, we talk about being unlucky. We do not see that most of such unlucky situations occur in reality as a result of the risks that we have taken.

Risk is a manageable phenomenon. The business life is based on the management of risks. Though we sometimes make decisions without realizing the risks they contain.

As we talk with our clients on their futures, we try to show them various types of risks they may face. We suggest them to prepare the scenarios for their future accordingly. We assist them to form their own road-map as a result of their assessment of those risks.

Within those who need to have both feet on the ground safely we have to mention the models who walk with their stiletto shoes. If you would like to view a video on some of them who have miscalculated the risks in walking, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966)

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