March 22, 2012

-28 degrees

The beginning of February… A village in Austria… -28 degrees (-18o F)… In spite of the 4 layers of clothing I have on me, I feel as if I am walking naked in the street. Together with the two partners of one of our clients, I am there to visit a company about their offer for the company shares of our client.

The boss of this Austrian company with a turnover of 450 Million Euro, had started in the company as a professional manager. Then he purchased the company shares. His ego was limitless. As he came into the meeting room, he started to talk as if we were in a raid. I had difficulty in cutting him off. I said, “Please don’t misunderstand me, but this meeting has an agenda.” The meeting continued for the whole day. After the boss of the Austrian company made a closing speech explaining the reasons for their offer to be the best possible offer, we went out to -28 degrees and took shelter in a restaurant.

As he took a spoonful of soup, my client said, “This company is the most ideal partner for us in terms of the business. However, neither the boss of the company nor their offer is the most ideal solution for us.” My client was not troubled because the offer from this company was not the only offer we had received.

When we called the Austrian company two days later to inform them that we would start our negotiation process with another company, they were very surprised. Maybe they were facing our standard method of creating competition in the sales of shares for the first time or they may have had too much belief in their offer. I don’t know. What I know is that no one will be able to take me again to -28 degrees. :-)

The oldie of the week: Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime  (1970)

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