March 15, 2012

Admiring Dave

If someone is achieving success worldwide in a subject, in which you are interested, then you view that person with some admiration. For me Dave Grusin is one of such people. I came across his work somewhat belatedly through his music piece Memphis Stomp in the movie The Firm. I wished I’d been the one who had composed the music he’d created. What I can do now is to listen to his music with pleasure and to try to learn something from him.

Most probably someone in the world will be in a more advanced stage than you are in any one of the subjects of your interest. However, this does not mean that you cannot be the best one in some of the aspects of a field, which you will define. Once the boundaries of a field are delineated correctly, I am sure that you stand out as the most successful one in some parts of that field.

As we analyze our clients with the aim of finding prospective acquirers for their businesses, we try to define the fields where they are superior to others. They may not be the “best” company in their sector in the world but being the “best” in any one aspect in Eastern Europe is a big success. Maybe they are achieving high productivity results. Or their marketing method could be unique. Recently, the CEO of a big international company said to his manager by indicating one of the methods used by our client, “If we had handled our processes in this way, we would have been more profitable.”

What is your “best”?

If you would like to listen to Mountain Dance from Dave Grusin, please click here.

Oldie of the week: Noel Harrison – Windmills Of Your Mind (1968)

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