March 1, 2012

Moonlight or candlelight?

I do not remember where I have read about it. It was said that the main reason for romantic meetings to take place at candlelight or moonlight is the need of our brain for symmetry.

At daytime we see the “truth” which shows quite a deviation from the ideal symmetry. As I understand, when candles or the moon are used as the source of light, we cannot see the total picture and thus our minds, longing for symmetry, put the missing elements of the picture by themselves, which brings the “liking” to a higher level. The next morning the pictures of the night before are remembered most of the time. :-)

If two companies want to come together, it is also important under what kind of “light” they meet. A business partnership is also a relationship between people. If the environment in which they meet doesn’t leave any possibility for imagination, they might develop a negative mood by the first point they do not agree on. If the meeting develops in an atmosphere allowing them to forecast a future of synergies on both sides, eg symmetry, the probability of a successful partnership will increase. Part of our job is to facilitate the best “lighting” for such meetings.

Of course it is a different story how they view each other even at moonlight after years of partnership. :-)

If you want to listen to how Beethoven describes the moonlight, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow (1983)

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