January 19, 2012

The cat on the tree

“I need an energy drink” said the businessman to me. We were in the 6th month of the process of finding an acquirer for his company shares. The project required a couple of months more. He continued by saying, “Such a drink that as soon as I drink it, just like in the advertisements, I will be filled with infinite energy and so will have the power to immediately solve all of my business problems and related issues.”

I told him that I was not against his having an energy drink but the effects he was describing were not appropriate for his case. I said that I believed another energy drink, the advertisement of which I saw in Romania, could be of more assistance to him.

Our projects take so long as they require. Unforeseeable circumstances can lengthen the process of merging with another company. The only thing to do in such a case is to understand the situation and to determine a new strategy under these conditions to reach our previously set aims. The new one might be harder to apply than the previous one. The important point is being able to take the necessary precautions without losing track of reality and without being emotional, that is without getting angry.

Finally, this project was concluded by fulfilling the expectations of my client. If you would like to view the advertisement of the energy drink that I recommended to my client, one about a cat on the tree, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Beatles – Help (1965)

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