January 12, 2012

Singles’ market

I have already written about the IKEA effect mentioned in Dan Ariely’s book The Upside Of Irrationality. A part of the book discusses the dating methods singles use today and how they can be made to function better. Among others the writer looks for the answer to the question: “But could it be that, in their desire to make the system compatible with what computers can do well, online dating sites force our often nebulous conception of an ideal partner to conform to a set of simple parameters?”

People who use such sites hope to find their ideal partners who in general have the same goal too. Tough it can also be said that these filled in parameters may not, knowingly or unknowingly, be representing the true case.

Our job is quite easier as we look for a strategic partner for a client to accelerate the growth of their companies. All the companies in the world are registered and what they do is known. Even if they are not thinking about a partnership it is possible to implant this idea into their minds. :-) It is easier to define the parameters for the businesses. This is the reason why we can find in avarage about 200 potential partners for each of our clients.

As a result of his experiments Dan Ariely suggests to “romantic prospects” among others that they “… make an effort to do things (they) enjoy with other single people…” :-)

If you want to order the book at Amazon you can use this link.

The oldie of the week: Scott MacKenzie: San Francisco (1967)

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