January 5, 2012

Choosing the right woman

Let’s say that you are organizing a special gala, and you would like to begin the event by having a female electric violinist, whose numbers are constantly increasing, performing on the stage to be accompanied by a dance group.

They have given you a list of performers. Although money is not an issue, it is hard to make the choice. Then you get an idea. You decide to view a short recording from each of them on concerts. After viewing them you realize that there are only a few performers, who can fit in your project.

In our projects we find ourselves exactly in such a situation. On paper many companies may look similar. However, you can understand the difference when you meet the ‘performers’, the owners of these companies. Although we will always need documents containing company information, the best marketing means are our clients themselves. It is the job of consultants like us to prepare them for the stage so that they will give the right picture for a certain potential partner.

If you would like to listen to the choice of the organizers for the female violinist during the World Cup in South Africa, please click here.

Note: From today on you will find at the end of the posts “The oldie of the week”, a music video dating back to the years from 50’s to 80’s. They somehow influenced me. I hope you enjoy listening to them too.

The oldie of the week: The Doors: People are strange

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