December 1, 2011

In the morning of a day

“We are a green company” said the businessman as we were walking towards his car. “In a year we halved the amount of paper products that we use in our packaging.” After a short drive we arrived at the site of a metal coating company, who was one of his suppliers. I asked the person in charge of the site what they did with the process water which I knew would contain chemicals hazardous for the environment. He said, “We discharge it to the sewage system.” I turned and looked at the owner of the ‘green’ company. His comment was: “Under these market conditions it is very hard to make the necessary investment for a water treatment facility.”

When one day people start to realize the disasters brought about due to environmental pollution, will they accuse “these market conditions”? I don’t think so. We all talk about how much ‘green’ inclined we are. However, “these market conditions” will gain the upper hand when being a supporter of ‘green’ challenges our profits. Until it is not possible anymore to be ‘green’. Protective laws will always be made, but belatedly.

We told this ‘green’ businessman to find a new supplier. Otherwise, his wish to find an international partner for his company would just stay as an unfulfilled dream.

Today each businessman, be it from manufacturing or services sector, needs to realize that he is also responsible for the rings of the chain preceding him. Considering our futures we need to strive to establish the consciousness on environment in regard to all products and services we are buying as a customer.

To view a small contribution from me and my son prepared a couple of years ago to have a better environment, you might click here for a music video and visit the corresponding site at .

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