November 24, 2011

Metaphysical thoughts

As I was walking in Munich years ago, I thought about one of my high school friends, who was living at that time in Singapore. Together with him I had stridden the same street some years before that date. Only a few minutes after my thought on him, I saw him walking towards me. He said with bewilderment, “I was just thinking about you. Do you remember the fun we had here years ago?”

I experienced similar incidents a few more times and heard about a lot of such stories on coincidence from others. I don’t possess the competence to explain such events. However, I certainly know that when you concentrate on something, you increase the probability of its realization. You start to think more on that incident. You use all your facilities to bring it about.

When businessmen want to grow their businesses together with a partner and set a high priority on this aim, then the possibility of achieving their aim is increased. I cannot say that they collide with prospective acquirers as they walk on the street, but I can certainly say that not much happens in regard to this subject if they don’t hit the road.

As Buddha said: What we think, we become.

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