November 17, 2011

A sexy presentation

A team of two men and a woman from the upper management of a company from abroad had come to visit our client with the aim of buying  some of his shares. The female marketing manager  was the one making their presentation. With her daring clothing and bold behavior she was very attractive. During her presentation I realized that my client started to ask unnecessary questions and so I requested  a recess. Then I told my client to act as if he were sitting with his back to the table.

Using sexual attraction in business is a very old application. It is possible to give various examples from history. The American writer Joan Pollack asks in one of her essays, ” People who are wealthy use their wealth. People who are smart use their intelligence. Why shouldn’t women use their good looks or femininity? ” and focusses on the subject from the point of view of career advancement in companies.

Considering the subject in a setting where there are people outside of the company, we can say that if the tool, whether it is wealth or intelligence or sexual attraction, starts to surpass the aim then the whole effectivity of the tool is lost. Therefore, as we prepare our clients for the negotiation meetings we tell them not to lose track of their main aim and to behave accordingly. If the other party displays such distracting behavior as in the example I gave above, we then warn our clients not to let themselves be influenced by these actions.

If you would like to view how sexual attraction can be exaggerated in a presentation, please click here.

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