November 3, 2011

“Do you know how to tango?”

That was a question asked by my elderly client. I said, “I didn’t have the opportunity up to now to learn this dance, and it is rather hard for me to learn it now.” He smiled and continued, “Just like I found you, we can find a good tutor for you. You will be successful at it because your job is somewhat similar to tango dancing.” I grinned and didn’t know what to say.

It takes two to tango. As far as I can judge, both sides need to know how to dance well. As a spectator only, I feel that this dance is like a duel among the partners. When I see the figures of breaking away, chasing and challenging it is not so hard for me to agree with my client.

During the negotiation meetings concerning the sales of their company shares, we want our clients to be sure of themselves. For gliding into the next move… To achieve this aim they need a special training. I don’t know which one is harder: tango dancing or negotiations. I know that you can correct a faulty figure in the next move in a tango dance, and most probably your partner will forgive you for this lapse. However, your “partner” might not be so understanding during a negotiation discussion.

If you would like to view a show in which tango is explained to a group of ‘tango illeterate’  youngsters, please click here.

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