October 20, 2011

Marketing for beggars

“I am an unlucky person,” said the man sitting across from me and who had given us the order to seek a potential acquirer for his company. “My father was a luckier businessman than me. Before he left the management of the company to me, he used to often say in the evenings that his business that day had been good.” Their results were now in decline.

We started to analyze this company from various aspects, as we do in all of our projects before we contact prospects for the sales of company shares. It was a company with a good reputation and a sound service record. Going over the marketing activities of our clients constitutes the main portion of our analysis. When we started discussing them, they explained their recent projects and expressed their puzzlement over the outcomes, which did not meet their expectations.

The reason for their failure was quite simple. They were positioning themselves incorrectly and hence they were approaching the market with the wrong words. We told them that they could start repositioning themselves in the market while we conducted our preparatory work in seeking an acquirer. They accepted our proposal. As the prospective acquirers began to visit our client, the sales of the company had already started to increase.

After a meeting our client thanked us for our work and input and said, “That film you made me view about the beggar was influential in my acceptance of your proposal about repositioning our company.”

If you are curious and have 6 minutes, you can click here to view the film that my client was talking about.

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