October 6, 2011

How would you like your Bach played?

It takes  courage to change or at least to try to do things differently… especially if you have been doing things ‘your way’ for a long time.

We all have a set of perceptions, a picture we think other people have of us, and we are reluctant to change it. As soon as we change that perception, we are afraid that the type of relationships we have with them will change.

For example it is hard for a classical pianist to suddenly play jazz on the concerts. Only few could show that courage without being afraid of getting pinned down as unsuccessful in playing classical music. One also has to remember that playing jazz requires a totally different capability than playing classical music.

The same is true for business people. They are conducting their business in a certain way based on their own experience and also maybe by using information delivered by their families. When they come to us looking for partners to grow their companies, we ask them among others the following special question: “Are you ready to change? A partnership might change the way you do things.”

As to liking Bach, maybe you don’t. To check if you’d change your mind after you listen to Bach played in jazz format, you might want to click here.

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