September 22, 2011

Zeros to the right of 1

This writing is my 100th blog post.

When we  reach numbers like 100, 1000 an air of celebration seems to engulf  us (sometimes this could also be sadness). Why not, when we reach 97 or 118? If you say the reason is 100 being a round number, then it is not exactly correct except for the zeros. :-) For example, 101 is more symmetrical and looks better to the eye. 100 like any other number is greater than the one preceding it and less than the one following it.

I think that we have to discuss this issue by considering statistics. Calculating percentages over 100 is very easy. If you have scored 55 times in 100 shots, you say that you achieved 55%. If you had taken 101 as your base and again scored 55, then you would need to say, “a little less than fifty five percent”. It lengthens the sentence.

During our meetings with our clients and their prospective acquirers we take care not to use fractions. Although we know that they take notes, we want them to remember clearly what we have said. The chance of being able to remember thirteen percent is higher than that of thirteen-point-twenty-five percent. Keeping away from fractions may also prevent the prospect to have prejudices about you, like thinking that you dwell on details too much and can’t see the forest for the trees.

Hoping to meet again next week on a more mature and symmetrical 101st blog post…

To celebrate the 100th post you are invited –with the condition that you would not try it out yourself – to view a not so logical but an aesthetic-al usage of zeros by clicking here.

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