September 15, 2011

“…if something happens to you?”

Together with my partner we established several companies that we later on sold. In the years following our start ups there were several businessmen who believed in us and helped us to grow our companies. Unfortunately, we lost some of them unexpectedly and at very young ages.

The statistics tell us that the life span of human beings is getting longer. However, the statistics do not inform us about the number of years each of us will individually live. Leave alone the health problems, the traffic accidents take out a lot of lives prematurely.

It is quite normal for businessmen to behave as if they would always be leading their companies. However, each life has a limited amount of time even if it is spent under the best conditions. When the shareholders plan the future for their companies, they also have to take into consideration this unknown period of time.

Irrespective of the ages of our clients, we advise them to either employ a manager from outside or from among the exisisting workforce to be trained to replace them. Even if it is not expressed openly during the negotiation discussions, the prospective partners, usually from corporate companies, have the following concern: “What will we do if something happens to you?” Eliminating this concern at the beginning of the negotiation meetings by mentioning your plans for such training ensures that the discussions proceed in a more positive atmosphere.

As to what I do for backing me up… I have a partner of 27 years and we never travel together. :-)

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