September 8, 2011

Shape of my heart

Leonardo da Vinci said, “All our knowledge is the offspring of our perceptions.“ Each of us perceives reality differently. Also, we can only perceive what we are ready to sense.

Our lives are based on communication. Considering that each of us has a different perception of the world, we can form our communication accordingly. Thus it is important for us to understand how the person, whom we want to communicate with, perceives what we say. To learn this we need to have time and some ‘pre-communication’ with our target.

Before we send detailed information to the executives of the companies that we believe have a good chance of purchasing the shares of our clients, we call them. We try to understand how they perceive what we tell them. Afterwards, we explain them ‘the reality’ based on their perceptions.

You might be wondering about the relevance of the heading of this post to the subject matter. To satisfy your curiosity and to view a card trick, which is performed utilising the weaknesses of our perception, you can click here. Enjoy.

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