September 1, 2011

47 and retired

“Either we do not talk about your illness or you get out of here now”. I was sitting in the practice of my physician of 25 years. Being 47 years old and having retired 6 months ago, I was visiting him for the third time in the last month. I chose his first option.

I had sold my shares in my last company and had been enjoying the good sides of life, doing sports, travelling and having time for anything I wanted to do. And that last one was the problem. I also had too much time to listen to my body. Each small pain I felt was leading me to my physician.

The mistake in the core of the problem was simple. Retirement cannot be an aim in life. It is only a different infrastructure. To solve the problem I had to define aims. For me the easy way out was returning back to business life which I also did.

If you want to sell your company and to retire, go out and do it. But before doing it set yourself goals to achieve. Otherwise chances are that you might be spending your money on the health industry.

Today physicians see me hardly beyond the routine check-up visits although I work almost 7 days a week. I owe a thanks to my old physician.

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