August 18, 2011


“A discontinuity is a change which does not arise as part of the natural development of a situation” writes Edward de Bono in his book ‘Lateral Thinking for Management’. “[...] some new factor has come in. A discontinuity also implies that the new factor does not arise from within the situation but from outside”.

The chances that one experiences such a discontinuity in a new partnership is quite high since the new partner might bring in a vision into the business one had not even imagined before. In quite a few of our projects the new partnership made such an upward jump in its business that any pre-calculation would be proved wrong.

A company from Asia taking our client’s company to Far East or a Swiss company opening the doors to new technologies for another one after their partnership are only a few examples among many that we witnessed.

Unfortunately we cannot learn about these “discontinuity” chances until we talk to each of the hundreds of prospects in our projects. Only then some of them will say that ‘something’ which we had not thought of before.

As de Bono wrote: “There may not be a reason for saying something until after it has been said”.

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