July 28, 2011

3 things not to do

For various processes there are usually some advice given under the heading of “3 things not to do” like the ones below, which I have collected from the Internet:

3 things not to do if you want to lose weight (from ezinearticles.com)                       1. Buy larger clothes  2. Think about your weight all the time  3. Compare

3 things not to do when you get a virus (in your computer) (from graegram.com)   1. Panic  2. Buy antivirus software  3. Be cheap

You can continue with the list as you like. In our business, which necessitates a lot of relationship building among our clients and their prospects, we have a similar heading as below:

3 things not to talk about when you meet somebody new:                                           1. Sex  2. Politics  3. Religion

Since you don’t know the values and beliefs of your prospective partner about these issues, it is not advisable to get into related subjects during the early meetings. Later on you can decide with the information you have accumulated on how to proceed if you really have the urge to talk about these issues.

I cannot finish this post without sharing with you “Three things you should never do with your gun” (from thetruthaboutguns.com)                                                              1. Use it  2. Talk about it  3. Buy it a friend

So what do they do with it? :-)

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