July 21, 2011

Always on my mind

It has been many years since I said my last good-bye to my mother. I have never forgotten the sentence she uttered before she died, “I didn’t know that you loved me so much.” How could she know? I had never told her.

This may stem from various reasons. Many of them could be personal, but one is related to the business life. As the pace of the daily flow of business life encompasses us, we tend to forget some things. While we handle hundreds of problems, we might miss some of the emotional aspects of life. The developments in technology turn us into introverts. Lack of time can put barriers in front of an affectionate life with our loved ones.

Gaining valuable time is the common reason for many shareholders for seeking a partner in their companies. They want to share the responsibilities in their business with a strategic partner to be able to give more time to their loved ones. As the years go by and one gets older, this wish is strengthened.

Today even if you say you love her silently to yourself… your mother will be very happy wherever she may be.

With your permission I would like to send my love to my mother with a song: Always On My Mind.

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