July 7, 2011

A costly drink

The man sitting on the other side of the table asked, “What do you think about the so-called company?” The question was put to my client, sitting next to me.

After our day-long meeting we were having dinner in a fish restaurant at Bosporous. A refreshing breeze and a gorgeous view were combined with a delicious meal. Everybody was feeling happy. Too happy, if you would ask me. :)

With the additional relaxation from the drinks my client started to swear at the so-called company. The company in discussion was the main competitor of the gentleman sitting across us. All my efforts to silence my client were futile. Earlier we had as usual stressed the need for limiting drinking and discussing about competitors during dinner but all those warnings were now forgotten.

During the meeting this prospect had tried to learn the other companies that we were talking to for a possible partnership in our client. Of course, he couldn’t learn anything on this subject. However, through the swearing of my client it was easy to conclude that we were not talking with his main competitor. In other words he knew that he has not to pay a high price to prevent his main competitor from buying our client’s company.

You might like to drink…. might also like to swear… only if the price of those will not make you repentant later. :)

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