June 16, 2011

Holiday in Barcelona

Did you have the opportunity to watch the video clip of Sting “An Englishman in New York”? Although throughout the clip she is seen a few times only for a short while, the main character of the clip is an elegant, old woman who seems to have gone thru a lot in life. At the end of the clip she goes home and for a moment a smile appears on her face. Just now I am feeling such a smile but I am too tired to put it on my face.

As I am writing these lines, it is approaching 2am. I am on holiday but I don’t intend to set back my blog posts. :-)  I am in the sitting room of my son’s home in Barcelona. He went to bed an hour ago but I couldn’t finish my writing yet. Since 10am yesterday we have been recording music in a studio concerning a hobby project of us, ongoing now for 2 years. It seems that it will take a few days more.

Five people from various cities of the world gathered in Barcelona, argue over the performance of each musical note for endless minutes. It has been theorized that people’s liking of music is greatly influenced by the tones found in their native language. According to this theory it is natural that we hassle over the sound, but I don’t know which theory can explain the pleasure we take from this hassle. :-)

I asked for a holiday break from my clients, seeking partners for their companies. I hope you, my readers, will also excuse me for the content of this post. Thanks. :-)

If you want to watch the video clip, mentioned above, please click here.

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