June 9, 2011


Generally, that shaking doesn’t start immediately. As you are immersed in your book or having an involuntary conversation with the traveller sitting next to you, it starts to show itself slightly. However, in a few cases you think that your seat strongly wants to separate itself from you.

Recently as I was flying to Adana for one of our projects, we had a half hour of air turbulence. For the first time in my life I thought about my experiences of the past 40 years of flying and what I had felt.

I remember that I enjoyed the occasional free falls and waited excitedly for the next one when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. During my 40’s flying was turned into a monotonous action, most probably due to my frequent travelling. In my 50’s I started to say more and more: “Can’t we have a decent flight?”

It is interesting to note that we see a similar psychological attitude in our clients. The experiences they gain at the beginning of the process of seeking strategic partners excite them. In the next phase of the process while we research and talk with hundreds of companies as prospects for their companies, our clients start to view the whole matter in a cool manner. After the prospective acquirers give their offers, some turbulences can be experienced.

Generally, a project without any turbulence is almost nonexistent. What is important is to reach in good shape the harbor of your choice. I landed in Adana despite the stormy weather. I wish you all a safe landing in all your projects. :-)

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