May 26, 2011

Prince or Ruth?

Imagine that you are a music producer. You have received a music composition titled “Purple Rain”, which you believe will be a hit. You have to choose one of the performers that you work with for singing this composition. One of them is Prince and the other is Ruth Lorenzo. Please assume that they are both at the same age and not famous yet. Which one of them will bring more success to you and satisfy your materialistic and emotional expectations?

Our daily lives are full of choices. Depending on our decisions the flow of our life changes. We give the decisions not only based on a logical reasoning but based also consciously or unconsciously on our emotions. When emotions are included, then a decision which is right for you may be unacceptable for someone else.

Although business life is based on logical reasoning, luck also plays a role during the application and execution of the decisions we have made.

The behaviour of the managers of two different prospective acquirers may direct you to accept the offer of the company with a lower price quotation but with which you feel that you can work more comfortably. You can judge the correctness of your decision only after some time has passed in which you go through the experience of this partnership.

For those who want to taste the experience of the music producer: For the performance of Prince please click here, and for the performance of Ruth Lorenzo please click here. Enjoy. :)

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