May 12, 2011


Most probably there were more question marks on my face than the three in the headline above as I answered the question, “why are you not on Twitter”, during a meeting with our business partners a couple of weeks  ago.  My answer was simple: “I do not understand it”.

I had a hard time starting with my blog posts. I studied various blogs, read a couple of books about blogging and then decided to start with my own blog. I am now writing every Thursday for more than 18 months. I suppose, I have to understand the mechanism behind systems to be able to go out and be a part of them.

For the last month I have been doing a similar study to get educated in Twitter.  I aim to start on next Tuesday, 17.05.2011, at my Twitter address mehmetusoyer. Of course I invite all of you to follow me. If you do not mind, I will also be following you. :-)  I hope that we will be having some interesting agenda there. I think that we can all learn from each other as we tweet.

I must confess that I will be experimenting with twitting.  That means if we do not enjoy doing it together I might give it up.

During my life of some decades I learned that… not understanding something cannot be an excuse for not doing it… but not enjoying what you are doing is the most important reason to stop doing it… even if it is a successful business.

So let’s twit… :-)

Note: For those who are newcomers to Twitter like me: You go to; enter your name (or nickname), your email and password to get an account.  You are set to follow anyone you like.

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