May 5, 2011


I do not know how much you are into screenwriting. I have spent a couple of months reading about this subject. According to the book ‘story‘ by Robert McKee the main character in a story, the protagonist, should have a conscious desire. “A protagonist and his story can only be as intellectually fascinating and emotionally compelling as the forces of antagonism make them.” The forces of antagonism are the ones which prevent the protagonist to achieve his desired aim.

Continuing to read McKee: “Human nature is fundamentally conservative. We never do more than we have to, [...] take any risks we don’t have to, change if we don’t have to“.

In our businesses, one of our most important scenarios that we stage in our life time, we are the protagonists with aims to achieve. These aims have one factor in common: the growth of our company. There are more forces of antagonism around us than we could think of. They obstruct the road to our goals and force us to change on a daily base.

The pratogonist in the story as well as we in our business cannot always overcome these obstacles alone. We need collaboration, consultants, new suppliers, new marketing organisations etc. Sometimes to overcome the forces of antagonism the only solution is to find a partner and to share our business.

Since none of us lives forever, there will always be an end in our stories. The goal is to write a good ending as we live. As McKee writes: “A story must build to a final action beyond which the audience cannot imagine another”.

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