April 7, 2011

A type of art

Together with one of my clients, I was attending the third meeting with his preferred potential partner. The main subject of our agenda was a management issue that we had previously discussed and we had asked the potential partner to come with a proposal on the matter. I had worked very hard together with my client in order to channel them to a certain solution that would have worked in my client’s best interest.

As they were presenting their offer, we realized it was the one we were looking for. When they finished their presentation, my client was silent for a few moments and said: “If you feel comfortable with this solution, then it is also fine with me.” The prospective partner  thanked him for the understanding approach.

After the meeting, my client laughed joyfully and said: “You used the same methodology to convince me into following this strategy”. I replied: “If you hadn’t believed in my strategy, you wouldn’t have applied it.”

If you want someone to do something, then the best way to achieve results is inducing him to want to do that work. Years ago I was having dinner with the CEO of the Swiss company that had acquired my own company. In the morning we had meetings with a group of professionals. Referring to the way he persuaded the group to take the final decision in accordance with his wishes, I told him I thought he had a“somewhat hard time”. He replied by saying: “This is a type of art. One is just like a glass blower. You don’t always know the exact form you will finally get as you blow the glass.”

Talking about glass and art… If you find yourself in Bucharest and need to buy a present, then I recommend that you view the glass objects of Ioan Nemtoi at Strada Blanari 7, Sectorul 3.

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