March 31, 2011

Demo CD

Imagine you are the manager of the PR department of a big company. If a man in his mid 50’s  approached you one day saying  “I have a demo CD which I prepared as an amateur. You can use it in any one of your social responsibility projects without paying any royality fees”, how would you react? While you utter some words of thanks and express your reasons for not being able to use this valuable (!) work, you might also be thinking that one starts to lose his marbles as one gets old.

What I experienced wasn’t very different from the above mentioned scenario. During the preparation of the demo CD, the prominent pianist and composer Anjelika Akbar offered me a lot of valuable advice, for which I could never thank her enough. I certainly liked the end result and strongly believed it was suitable to be used in social responsibility projects.

When we try to win recognition for something – in other words, when we are marketing – it’s inevitable that we look at it first from our point of view. If we made it, ‘it must be beautiful, good and everyone will like it’. :)

Though, decisions depend on benefits. If an item does not bring me any emotional or materialistic benefits, I won’t buy it. Since I don’t recognize any of its values,  I won’t take it even if it’s offered for free.

The same reasoning applies in the search for potential partners for your company. If you do not supply any benefits for a potential partner, expecting him to be interested would be useless.  You can understand the real benefits your company offers only by talking with each of the potential partners and having an open mind about the final results of your conversations. You might be surprized to see that not everybody shares your point of view.

If you are wondering about the demo CD: Please go to and click on the ‘Untold Stories’ file. :)

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