March 3, 2011

The sudden “NO”s

Are you a good reader? Do you just read the written words or can you also see the picture behind the words? Do you sometimes think: “Everything was looking fine. Why did it not happen the way I thought it would?” If so, chances are that you were reading only the written words. :-)

People usually do not openly write about what they think. There are various reasons for this: they have hesitations about sharing their problems; they cannot estimate the risks of their decisions etc. But in many of the cases they somehow imply that there is something holding them back.

One of the prospects had written to our client that he was no more interested to be a partner in our client’s company because he didn’t have time. Today they are sitting at the negotiation table. How did it happen? Our previous dialogues with them made us question the validity of such an explanation. We called them and found out that they had other problems which they didn’t want to share with us. We were able to develop solutions to these ones in fact easier than their problem with the time issue.

If one gets a sudden NO,  one should be cautious. Most of the time there is  a YES behind waiting to be digged out.

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