February 17, 2011

Ear pinning

“EarPinnig is for many years a prominentearsurgery. An incision is made behind the ear,the cartilage is folded back,the skin is closed,the ear is a bandaged wound for at least 10-15 days.”

When you use Google, you get an advertisement section on the right side of the screen. While I was researching a topic related to finance, I noticed that there were many advertisements on ear pinning (otoplasty). With some astonishment I clicked on one of the notices. Above I shared with you the first two sentences of that web page.

Before we buy a product or service, we usually enter the internet to gather information. We also search the answer to the question “Where should I buy it?” The search results’ pages might give us relevant information on those companies supplying the required services, otoplasty included.

Of course, the contents of the web page is the most important point. However, the way that this content is presented plays also a role in our decision. When you read the sentences given above you might dwell on thoughts about the quality of the service that you are liable to get from this source. Could so many writing mistakes, give you a hint about the institution that you will trust with your ear?

Potential partners, the ones thinking of investing in your company, will surely look at your web page. Any mistake that they see there may lead them to different evaluations and considerations about your company, which might not indicate the reality of your business.

I do not know about yours. Mine are precious. :-) If I wanted to have my ears operated on, then I would have preferred to have this surgery made by an institution whose website does not contain any writing errors.

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