February 3, 2011

100$ to the stewardess

I was having lunch in a not so crowded restaurant. It was almost impossible not to listen to the conversation at the next table, occupied by two loudly talking gentlemen. “I gave the stewardess 100$ and she allowed all three of us to go from the economy class to the business class”, one of them said. “We had a comfortable trip for the additional 100$ and the stewardess seemed to be very happy”. As far as I could understand this change of seats was made at a flight of one of the new private airlines, operating outside of Europe.

If that story is real, I know I wouldn’t choose to fly with that airline. If the stewardess acts like this,  the pilot could be playing backgammon with the copilot during the flight and the technician could say “This plane can still fly to its destination even if I don’t fix this tiny flaw ”. I would guess that the airline company has problems in managing its human resources and I wouldn’t like to think about such problems while I am flying 10,000m above the ground.

During the meetings with your potential partner, always consider that the behaviour of your employees can lead to doubts about the organization he is considering to invest in. Not to face such an accident, it is important to communicate with your employees about the process of finding a partner, about your common goals and the proper ways of achieving them.

Coming back to the airline company, I think they will realize at some point that they need to invest in their employees in order to keep their customers.

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