January 20, 2011


In his book “Flow: The psychology of optimal experience”, Michaly Csikszentmihalyi argues that the best way to achieve happiness is through “flow”, a state of mind about feeling of complete engagement in a creative or playful activity. One key aspect of flow is that, while in flow, nearly all of the brain’s available inputs are devoted to one activity. This is why the perception of time changes, discomfort goes unnoticed, and negative thoughts don’t enter the mind. It’s too busy to keep track of those things.

One of the rules to achieve the flow state is setting goals. Our business is a big part of our life and it contributes to our level of happiness. We can influence it by setting goals and concentrating ourselves in finding the right roads to these goals in a creative way.

Unfortunately most of the times we do not have the means to walk the roads that are optimal for reaching our goals. In business a partner could be very helpful, if he would be able to supply those means that we are lacking.

Sometimes we see that our goals do not even include the business which we are running. Then it means that the time has come to devote ourselves to other things that we want to achieve in this life. Looking for a suitable purchaser would then be the right decision.

How to know if it is the right time? Check when you have felt like “flowing” the last time…

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