December 23, 2010

First Violin

I do not know if you have ever been in Vienna. When you have the chance to travel to this city, I recommend that you visit the museum ‘Haus der Musik’. Even if you do not have much interest in music, this museum is a fun center of 5 floors, where you are taken on an interactive discovery of music.

On the third floor the visitors get the chance to virtually conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra sitting in front of them on a big screen. The musicians obey the visitor, following the tempo and rhythm of his baton. It seems very easy. This application requires that you make a certain movement with a specific tempo, but if you lose the rhythm then the First Violin stops the orchestra and dresses you down.

When you lose the rhythm in conducting your business, you might not always have a First Violin to warn you. Once the rhythm is lost, it might not be easy to get back on track. Sometimes you may feel that you are not capable of easing out this discord but then you might not want to accept your inability. The reactions you receive from your close circle would be based mostly on comments of “let’s not disturb” characteristic.

In such cases, a strategic partner could act like your First Violin, making sure that you keep conducting the orchestra and showing you the way when you lose the rhythm. Nobody is born an orchestra conductor.

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