November 12, 2009

The pen

After signing the sales agreement, Peter Ott gave his pen to my partner for him to sign the agreement in turn. After my partner signed the document, he tried to give the pen back to Peter Ott. However, Peter Ott said, “You can have the pen. You might wish to keep it in memory of this day.“ My partner thanked him and put the pen in the inner pocket of his jacket.

My partner, who was now warmly smiling and who signed the agreement with ease, had worked hard against me and some of our other partners not to have that share purchase agreement signed. When the subject of selling our company shares first came into discussion, he had said, “We do not sell company shares.” At the date of this signature, I understood the relationship between “yes” and “no” better and that the change in such declarations can be quite fast.

We had been proud of our company. The new owners of our company opened a bottle of champagne after the document was signed. While they were drinking champagne, I was thinking about the pen, with which the signatures were put on the agreement. While I was thus lost in thought, the secretary of Peter Ott came into the meeting room. She distributed to all of the participants in the room cases, containing pens similar to the one with which the agreement had been previously signed. I might have been red in the face as I accepted my pen because I remember thinking that they might have understood my concentration on the pen.

My signature of that day was my fifth such signature transfering the ownership of my shares in my five different companies to new owners. This fifth one was the most glorious one. I am glad that it was so. What I had learned from the previous four company share sales helped me a lot to be successful in this sale.

You might have wondered about the brand of that pen. It was a silver coated Caran Dache pen. I came upon it just recently as I was organizing my stuff. Although over 10 years have passed following the utilization of a similar pen for the signing of the company share sales agreement, this pen was still shining brightly within the plastic bag that it was placed in.

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