December 2, 2010

The man in the garden

Two weeks ago I spent almost an hour waiting in the garden of an university in Barcelona, crowded with young people. (I also used the time to formulate some theories on smoking: although it causes a lot of harm, it became a habit that gets people to spend more time in fresh air because of all the smoking bans:-)).

As my bones where starting to feel some cold shivers, I saw a blind man entering the garden from the opposite direction. He must have used the path frequently as he swiftly crossed the garden. Most probably he was extensively using his sense of hearing and he was recording the considerable motion of the crowd in his mind by comparing what he experienced with what he heard. Who knows how much effort he had spent and was spending at that very moment to achieve this outcome that almost all of us usually do without even thinking about it. For sure, if someone had guided him taking him by the arm he would have spent this energy  for something else.

This phenomenon is not different in the business life. For example, you may not know how to enter a new market, thus spending a lot of energy. If a partner, who is experienced in opening up new markets, were to take your arm and walk together with you, then you would quickly ‘see’. This principle can be applied to various subjects from utilization of technology to business management, from packaging to customer relationships. What is good to remember is that you would be also eliminating the various disabilities of the partner in your arm. Otherwise, nobody would take the arm of another in business life.

Obviously, to be able to see one needs to believe that it is possible to see.

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