November 4, 2009

As I start…


I do not know the effect of one’s age…. For those of you, who are living the earlier stages of life than me, ‘to blog’ may be something as easy as going to the movies. It took me quite a long time to give my decision to start this one.

I cannot say that I looked at the idea, mainly induced by my friends, very positively in the beginning.  I avoided the subject although I was one of the guys who had one of the first Web pages and maybe because of that. One of the main reasons of the advice of my friends for “blogging” was that I had told them that I discussed almost the same issues in each of my meetings. “Then have a blog and explain the issues once and for all”….

In this blog I will share with you mainly the day to day problems I face in my business life, the riddles of mergers and acquisitions and related incidents. I hope that one or more of those issues will draw your attention. I think especially shareholders of SME’s might find answers to some of their questions.  I cannot know if all of the issues will be of help to you but I can guarantee that some  will be highly interesting.

If you are interested in this subject and wish to read these writings, please subscribe to my blog using the right side of this page; my essays will automatically arrive at your e-mail address.

I will be very glad if you could forward this page to people you know, who you believe might have an interest in this subject. All writers (!), including those writing in the web, wish to be read as widely and as much as possible. Moreover, I will be glad to receive your comments on my writings. I may decide to share some of those comments, without disclosing the name of the commentator, with my readers. If you do not want me to share your comments or if you want your name to be stated while sharing your comments, please inform me accordingly about these issues together with your commentary.

Until the next time…

I wish you all the best.

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