November 18, 2010

Written or spoken

In my youth (although, as the saying goes… I am still very young… :-)…) we communicated with each other by letters or using landline phones. Since we knew that we could receive an answer to our letter at best in 15 – 20 days, we tried to detail it as much as possible so there would be no further need to send another one, to explain the same subject. To cut the waiting time, we used the phone widely. Today, the situation is different: we have our emails and short messages.

Who knows how our life would change if we would make phone calls instead of sending emails or short messages. If we explained ourselves more verbally instead of developing our relationships in writting, most probably some of the disruptions would be eliminated. In some cases, it might just be that our suffering would end faster.

Because of these reasons we contact the prospective partners of our clients by phone before we send them any written material. A few minutes of phone conversation with their upper level managers could result in very positive developments in the project, and in some cases this directly influences the decision for the purchase of the company shares. Such conversations give us the opportunity to develop relations which we would hardly achieve through written communication.

Our ability of speech is an unique advantage of a human being. However, we seem to use this ability less and less, especially on important subjects. We do not use the phone in the most helpful way; sometimes because of time pressures, other times because of our unbased qualms and mostly because there is an easier way out. Checking our records for the past few days will reveal exactly for what purpose we use the phone.

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