October 28, 2010

The missing “s”

Two weeks ago, in the Turkish version of my blog, the letter  “s” in the upper section of the page, the one which states that this weekly blog is published every Thursday, has somewhat disappeared. :-) Unbelievable. When I prepare my blog updates, I do not edit that section. That word comes out always the same way at the same position. It must be that the word has singlehandly decided to change its appearance. :-)

Although I looked at this page numerous times while updating my blog, I did not notice the missing “s”. Some of my readers have courteously informed me about this problem. I thank them for their diligence and interest.

This situation reminded me of what we tell our clients: Look at your business premises carefully before you meet there with your prospective partners.  For years you go through the same door of your company. You do not notice many things any more. Someone, looking from the outside, for the first time, may observe a lot of details which now escape your attention. As time goes by, you might have got used to the disorder of the files in your meeting room, the old furniture standing for months in front of the fire escape staircase, the urinal in the WC waiting for the repairman. Your visitors will notice each and every one of them and, in contrast to the behaviour of my readers, they will not notify you. Moreover, they will use these images when drawing conclusions on your management style, after they leave the meeting.

While I always explain to my clients the necessity of giving attention to details, only one ”s” has put me in the same situation. Wishing that all the letters in your writings stay correctly where they are meant to be …

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