October 14, 2010

The last two paragraphs

As some of my long time readers might have noticed, my blog posts are arriving at you under a new heading and format. The posts are now delivered via a new system and through a new address. Like always I am thankful for all of your comments on my blog posts.

I want to share one of these comments with you:

“[Upon receipt of my blog post] … opened the mail seeing that it is a blog post and there could be something worth to read and started to read at my mobile… there were too many details and it was personal… did not interest me… I was bored and stopped reading. It was too long. When I opened my mails next morning to delete them, I wanted to give the last two paragraphs a last chance. Sure the lesson was there.”

It is not my intention to give any lessons. The reason why I took this comment here, is that we do not always listen to the other person until he has completed his words but give our decision or reaction about what he says before he finishes. This time my dear reader has given me this chance, even if belatedly, and has shared with me his thoughts about the length of my blog posts, for which I am grateful.

This is a situation we often observe at the negotiation stages of a project. Especially if the meeting goes over many hours and one side loses his resilience, whatever the other side says seems to be ‘long’. It is very easy to slip into a ‘I-know-what-you-will-say-now-listen-to-me’ behaviour. As somebody who had behaved in such a manner in the past, my advise in such situations would be to bite your tongue until the other guy ends his speech. :-)

In accordance with the comments of my reader I cut it short today and wish you all a great week…

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