September 23, 2010

Creating stories

Recently I woke up very early on a Saturday. I turned on my PC to check if I had received an email that I was waiting for. It hadn’t arrived yet but since my PC was on and I was connected to the Internet, I started browsing.

First, I looked up some information about a publisher. While doing that, I was drawn into a magical journey. One webpage would lead me to another one, an interesting essay would take me to a book, the author of that book would bring me to Google lists which I couldn’t complete reading through even if I decided to spend the rest of my life on it. My accidental choices of clicking on the Internet brought me unbelievable results.

In this way I got acquainted with the blog of Mr. Temel Aksoy. I specifically use the wording ‘get acquainted’ because his blog was one of the best personalized blogs that I have seen up to now. I felt as if he was right in front of me. Since the main subject of his blog was marketing, I started to look at his website in detail.

Below I would like to share with you a passage about persuasion, which I have taken from his blog in Turkish.

“…..You cannot persuade anyone with logic. To persuade someone you need to tell a story….

When you wish to persuade your boss or your lover; your parents or your children; just one person or a group or even a whole nation, then all you have to do is ‘tell a story’. …”

My job is to market the future of companies. No one becomes a partner in a company because of the past performance of that company. The past performance opens the way for a discussion about partnership, but the interested party buys the future prospects. The snapshots of the past are recorded on paper. However, there are no photos of the future. In each of our new projects we need to write a new scenario, a new story, trying to reflect a common future. The aim is to persuade those sitting on the other side of the table,  representing the company which is interested in a partnership with our client`s company. Whenever the interested parties around the table change, we have to update the story by utilizing our understanding of the expectations of  those people.

Maybe I am enjoying my job that much because I definitely like to create stories. Who knows?

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