September 9, 2010

The acquarium

Last week I was for the second time in Warsaw, Poland, more than 15 years after my first visit to this city. My first stay was due to a one day meeting. This time the reason of my trip can be explained as the first step to entering a new market.

I had tens of meetings during my stay. One of the meetings had to take place at an office situated on the tenth floor of a new building with a modern design. Since I had no experience yet about the distances and the traffic density in the city, I took off early not to be late to the meeting and arrived earlier than expected at the office building. It was a rainy day and there were no cafes or similar places in the vicinity, where I could escape, to wait until the appointment time. So I went to the offices of the company I was visiting and gave my appologies for arriving too early. Relieved by their responses of not evaluating this situation as a negative one, I was taken to a meeting room.

The meeting room had a window of about 4 meters  to 2 meters size and was fitted with a single glaze. When I looked out, the whole Warsaw was in front of me. The picture I was staring at was very live and impressing. I felt as if I were in an acquarium. This city, which looked like being outside of my world today and to which I was a stranger, would be having a life including me in a couple of months.  This feeling and thought was not unfamiliar to me.

I had this feeling after the partial or total sale of each of the 5 companies I had founded and grown in time. I had found myself looking out through such a window, presenting me with a new world. I knew that each time you look out through such a window, if it is in your expectations  to be a part of the world you see outside, this world will embed you into itself. It is only a matter of time and getting to the other side of the glass.

I left the building after the meeting and slowly walked in the direction of the cab, which would take me to the next meeting. Warsaw, as if not wanting to leave me totally dry after I left  the acquarium, was welcoming me with a soft rain.

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