September 2, 2010

The mini-skirt

I don’t know if you have also noticed the following phenomenon. When some young female singers make their debut on TV or on stage, they start pulling from right and left their dresses trying to cover the uncovered parts of their body. If memory serves me right, one of such singers pulled at her mini-skirt, as if trying to elongate it, 10 times during one song.

It was obvious that the singer was not comfortable in her dress. She was trying to project an image which didn’t reflect herself and thus she was not taking any pleasure from her performance. I am sure most of the spectators, like me, noticed this situation from the beginning of the show. The poor singer was trying to perform in a condition to which she was not accustomed.

We meet a similar situation in some of our projects. The businessman, because of reasons only known to himself, tries to behave in a way in which he isn’t comfortable. He believes that acting in such a way would project a more positive image. For example, he behaves as if he is knowledgeable about subjects on which he has little or no information and uses words that don’t fit his personality. Just like the spectators of the singer, the prospective partners of this businessman recognize the farce.

This realization bears its effects on the prospective partners in two main points. First, they start to think about how they could work together with this businessman, who is putting on an act. Then they question the capabilities of the team such a person manages.

Not only in the relationships that we build due to our business, but in all situations where we put ourselves under the spots, I think we should heed Judy Garland: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”.

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