August 26, 2010

The fast track

It is natural for the owner of a growing business to try to utilize the opportunities that he sees in export markets. Moreover, this approach can very well be necessary in order to ensure a sustainable growth.

New export markets  are usually full of surprises. It is highly probable that the mentality of people will be different, the ways of evaluation will be different and, most of all, the way of handling business will be different. Each businessman, depending on his experience, separates the various countries into some categories in his mind. These categories may sound like: in this country I wouldn’t do business without first receiving payment; when I do business in these countries, receiving an order would take more than 6 months; etc.

Additionally, in each export market your competitors, the market shares and pricing will be different. In short, before you can successfully enter a new market you need a lot of information, which is not easily available, and you should also be aware of hundreds of relevant data. In order to gather such information and data, a businessman visits the new market many times either by himself or toghether with his employees.

In reality, there is a very easy and fast way to obtain such information. You contact a company in that market by claiming that you are interested in a partnership. After a few meetings you will discover that you have obtained most of the information you were seeking.

Therefore, we analyze in detail the investment capability and the intent of the companies interested in a partnership with any of our clients. Before we give information about the market, we make sure that they invest the necessary time to realize the meetings. We supply information about the market only after we are convinced that they are serious in their intent.

If you receive a marriage proposal… don’t start celebrating immediately :-). Maybe the prospective groom wants to receive information about the neighbourhood before he seriously proposes to your neighbour’s younger daughter or buys a plot on the next street.

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