August 19, 2010


The following news is taken from the Internet:

“December 28th, 2009 – 11:52 pm

At the end of the First Amateur League match in the Eregli district of the city of Zonguldak, Turkey, the team Guluc Belediyespor  won the match with a goal made at the 90+5 th minute. After the goal the players and technical team of the loosing team Yenimahallespor objected to the referee. The coach Mehmet Soyer of Yenimahallespor could not digest the defeat and after the match attacked the victorious coach Taner Sunuc of Guluc Belediyespor  by slapping him. “

I am not that Mehmet Soyer. :-)

I have no relationship with Yenimahallespor and have not visited even one of their games.

But if you have asked me if one of my teams in business life had to endure a goal at 90+5… I have to say , yes. In some cases the referee accepted our objection. The goal was cancelled. In some cases we found out that there has been a relationship between the referee and our competitors but it was too late. In some cases we learned that the goal was given before the match had even started. In some cases we had no choice but to congratulate our opponents.

In mergers and acquisition projects the game also continues until the last whistle, e.g. until the signatures have been completed and the money is in the bank. Not to risk any last minute incident which may bring an unwanted result one has to be cautious and attentive during the whole process until the game is ended.

As to slapping the consultant on the other side of the table: It is more enjoyable to leave the meeting room after the final meeting with a knowing smile on my face while both parties in the room feel that they have won.

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