July 22, 2010

Two ears

All businessmen(women) like to talk. Especially when it comes to their achievements and personal success. Nothing is wrong with that. One of the first duties of a business owner is to market the products and services of his company and of course market himself as the top guy of the organization delivering those products and services successfully.

To be able to do this marketing activity we communicate. If we do it in writing we are more carefull. If we are good at writing, we select our words with care and put ourselves into the position of the reader and then question ourselves about the effect we want to induce.

The whole process is a bit different when it comes to verbal communication, especially if you are facing the other person.  Personal traits start to take over. On both sides. We can view it as a game, where both parties want to “win” something at the end.

During the negotiations with a potential partner this game can be quite dangerous if it is not controled. Every word that you are saying might trigger questions on the other side, which in turn may result in challanging your arguments.

You receive the best results if you can simulate that communication beforehand and are equipped for all issues that may arise. That is why we always organize what we call a ‘dry-run’ meeting with our clients before they go into their first negotiation meeting.  In this way they know the questions and the most appropriate answers to those questions before the real meetings start.

Whether they are prepared or unprepared we recommend to all businesmen(women) going into a negotiation meeting to let the other party talk as much as possible and say as little as possible. It is not for nothing that God gave us two ears and only one mouth.

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