July 1, 2010

26 years…

One day in the beginning of 8Oies… The general manager of the company I was working for as a R&D manager entered my room and said that there is someone in his room recommended by the big boss. He also mentioned that he would not think to work with the lady but I would feel free in my decision to employ her or not.  After I had the interview with her I reported to my general manager that she could be a gain for our company.  This was how I met with Cigdem, who also resigned together with me, when I left the company on July, 1st in 1984, and founded with me our first company.

In this blog, I generally write about how to find a new partner to an existing company.  In fact some of the issues are also relevant during  the foundation of new companies.  Of course neither Cigdem nor myself  had the the experience we have today back in those days. All of the 5 companies we founded taught us a lot during the years. We learned about the corporate life during our professional engagement in two large companies and experienced the effect of size on various issues with our own SME’s.

People change with years. Their expectations from life as well as  their ways of thinking and living are changed according to hundreds of information and people they  are touched by every day.  This change is also true for the shareholders of the SME’s, each one being a human being.  The changes in the expectations of each of the shareholders is also one of the important reasons for selling shares.

This essay is a thanks for Cigdem… for her contributions to our 26 years of partnership, which we continue successfully inspite of all the changes we have gone through, personally and business  wise…

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